Mini NES and future mini consoles?


When the news first came about the Nintendo’s miniature NES console, I was a little excited, I will admit. 30 of gaming’s greatest classics on its original console with updated everything is pretty nice. The NES classic edition also includes two different display versions including pixel perfect and retro. The baby NES is definitely something to have if you are a gamer of any type.

This puts us in a somewhat interesting position my fellow digital adventurists. We get the chance to vote with our wallets and reviews because we have a chance to ask for more of the little miniature consoles (If possible).

Of course, we all see what Nintendo is doing here. They are using that love of all things nostalgic to make money and nobody is complaining. This is good for the gamers and future gamers. So where do we come in?

We decide how far the future of the NES classic edition. If it works and is well received  by us, Nintendo will make expansions adding more games, but that is not the biggest thing that can come.

I missed having many of the consoles as a youth because of me not being born or just having chosen the competitor console. So what if this does so well that others try to follow?

Nintendo has really been the trendsetter in the gaming world, so, of course, competitors will follow suit. If I’m not shooting for the stars here I’m hoping they will move on to the 3-D era of consoles and we will get the Miniature N64 and maybe baby PlayStation original. I could just be really riding on hope, but It would be nice.

The NES classic edition will be available Nov. 11 for $59.99.


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